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Using TeleHealth for the Best Possible Care with Anil Appukuttan

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Using TeleHealth for the Best Possible Care with Anil Appukuttan

CHRISTINA: hello everyone and welcome to another but special episode of I am Christina d'arcangelo and today I'm very excited to have Anil with me you may have remembered Danielle from previous from a previous podcast that we'd been on talking about spectral tele monitoring and today the reason why Anil and I decided to join forces was because Anil is also on the Affinity patient advocacy board and we've been watching some of the patients and the things that have been going on out there in the medical society and Healthcare itself and we felt that perhaps it was time for us to come back on to talk a little bit about the telemonitoring so thank you so much Anil for joining us today.

ANIL: thank you Christina thank you

CHRISTINA: it's great to have you because you know we talk internally all the time about all the things that our telemonitoring can do and things that we have already started working on that have been helping patients like the electronic data capture side of the platform and the e-pro we're running clinical trials through it but what's cool about our Enterprise solution is the fact that we are able to actually monitor patients 24 7. do you want to talk a little bit about that anneal and then I could talk about the patient side a little bit and how there's the Synergy and the connection piece to it.

ANIL: Sure, Christina. So I still remember like you know in 2020 you reached out me and um you know my previous company to build up EDC platform right so that thing I realized like you're you know the end-to-end vision to build a EDC along with the tele monitoring software with the remote patient monitoring aspect right so now I can understand like you know the vision you had that time so now it's like it is it is it can be used for the regular you know the Physicians consultation and at the same time it can be used for the clinical trial you know patient visits no it's now I can see like all dots are being connected right so it's a wonderful job.

CHRISTINA: yes it's been a wonderful Journey because yeah I I know it's kind of crazy sometimes when I get these ideas in my head of like well we have the box right and so they've been sitting here you know just sitting here and then we started working on the EDC and the e-pro right and then once we we've really dug into that then we started working on the telemonitoring and I love the point that you brought up that this was 2020 guys so when everybody was complaining about covid we were also working on covid treatments you kn

ow with the feds and everybody and then xus and the Dominican so we were doing that stuff like Nitty Gritty work uh even with the White House one of the projects was involving the White House we were clearly the telemonitoring and the e-pro quietly at the same time so thank you so much for bringing that up because we don't I don't and as a team we don't talk we don't pat ourselves on the back and say listen you know we did this while everybody was sleeping or complaining or or whatever they were doing we were Vision Act activate it really with this

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