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Affinity Patient Advocacy is dedicated to improving subject recruitment and retention to benefit everyone involved, from subjects to sponsors, with a deep and thorough understanding of therapeutic areas.
Affinity Patient Advocacy aims to enhance clinical trial recruitment and retention, benefiting subjects and sponsors through expertise in therapeutic areas

Affinity Patient Advocacy is here to elevate subject recruitment and retention to benefit everyone involved, from subjects to sponsors, with a deep and through understanding of therapeutic areas.

Due to our expertise in multiple therapeutic areas, due to advocating for these patients, Affinity Patient Advocacy is proud to assist biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial sites, device, and nutraceutical companies with clinical trial recruitment services.  We believe in elevating subject recruitment and retention through expertise in patient care, education, and clinical research services customized to our clients' needs.  Originally, Affinity Patient Advocacy was established to help oncology patients since our CEO, Christina DiArcangelo had lost her father, Albert J. DiArcangelo, Sr. at age 62 from multiple forms of cancer.  However, when Christina started working in medical cannabis clinical research, patients started requesting help from multiple therapeutic areas.

Affinity Patient Advocacy understands patients explicitly. They talk to them daily before they enter clinical studies.   Affinity Patient Advocacy already helps patients find clinical studies for them to potentially consider.

Therefore, Affinity Patient Advocacy is the leading expert in patient care, education, services, and clinical research.  Affinity Patient Advocacy’s sister organizations, Affinity Bio Partners (global clinical research organization) and Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring (Artificial Intelligence Bots, Tele-monitoring software, and electronic capture system as well as electronic patient reported outcomes) has the strength of partnering with a true global clinical research organization to help with educational materials, regulatory compliance and the artificial intelligence technology can find, retain, and document all correspondence in a compliant manner.  The pre-screening of potential subjects is done within the technology which provides our clients with piece of mind. 

Affinity Patient Advocacy is one of a kind!  We believe in the concierge approach for all of our patients that we support, subjects that may enter into a clinical study that we are working on and with all of our clients.

Affinity Patient Advocacy is here to make our client’s lives easier.

  • Each study is customized to our clients’ needs.

  • Each subject that is pre-screened is fully educated and we ensure to take the necessary time to help the subjects feel safe and secure.

  • Each subject is pre-screened through Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring (we do not have any utilization of excel tracking spreadsheets or survey programs that are not regulated).

  • Each study can have the AI Bots deployed to interact with potential subjects prior to pre-screening.

  • Each study can have the AI Bots kept active during the study to communicate with the subjects once enrolled in the study for subject retention.

  • Each study can also utilize our back-end technology Bots to help find subjects that are needed to enroll in the study.

  • Each study will have full reporting and metrics that are shared with our clients.

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Clinical Trial Recruitment for Your Organization: Partner with Us for Success

Attracting the right participants to your clinical trial is crucial for success. As an experienced clinical trial recruitment organization, we can help you reach your goals. Our track record of successful partnerships with other organizations speaks to our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Partner with Affinity Patient Advocacy for Clinical Trial Recruitment Success. Our experienced organization can help you attract the right participants for successful clinical trials, ensuring expertise and commitment to excellence. Trust our track record of successful partnerships with other organizations for your recruitment needs.
Support our Cause: Make a difference in the lives of patients by donating to Affinity Patient Advocacy. Your contribution allows us to provide free services and support to those in need. As a registered Federal Charity with 501C3 certification, your donation will directly impact the lives of patients and their families.

Support Our Cause

Your donation is very important for Affinity Patient Advocacy to provide services FREE of CHARGE to our patients that we help.  We believe that patients are already spending a considerable amount of money on their health care.  We do not want to be another burden to our patients.  Affinity Patient Advocacy is a registered Federal Charity with the appropriate 501C3 certification.   Please consider donating today!

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