Like so many, Affinity Patient Advocacy’s Founder Christina DiArcangelo counts herself as one of the countless lives unfortunately touched by cancer. As her father taught her from a very early age, though, Christina vowed to fight with all that they had to overcome this dreaded diagnosis.   

The birth of Affinity Patient Advocacy occurred with Albert J. DiArcangelo Sr.’s diagnosis of Stage 4 Liver, Lung and Stomach Cancers on August 28, 2015. Understandably distraught over the diagnosis, Christina bravely sprang to action, working very closely with his medical team on his treatment plan, coordinating wellness visits, working on clinical research, and organizing medical and social services within her own vast network of medical professionals. Unfortunately, Mr. DiArcangelo lost his courageous battle with cancer on October 13, 2015.


While this news was devastating to the DiArcangelo family, Christina realized a greater purpose in her family's experience to help others. Christina realized that there is no more important aspect of the treatment process than a support system to advocate for all of the patients needs and to support their family through the difficult times ahead. 

It was for this reason that Affinity Patient Advocacy first started in September 2015. Christina realized that every patient and family deserves to have an advocate to help them navigate the complexities that lay ahead. Many do not have the expertise and background that Christina has, and it is for that reason that Affinity Patient Advocacy’s purpose is to ensure that all receive the fair treatment, education and services they deserve. 

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