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Affinity Patient Advocacy I Am Christina DiArcangelo

I Am Christina DiArcangelo

As an active Bahai’ and mother to her one son, Christian, Christina DiArcangelo believes that listening, learning, and growing are everyday values that can change the world by impacting our own hearts, homes, and communities. Professionally, Christina wears the hat of a clinical research pioneer, contract negotiator, and business owner. All of the above lead her down a transformational path filled with challenges, pain, opportunity, and growth. This show helps educate, empower, and deliver hope. 

I Am Christina DiArcangelo

Using Your Experiences to Build New Things with Otha Smith III

Otha Smith transitioned from mainstream industries to cannabis after a severe accident shifted his perspective on pain management.

NOVEMBER 07, 2023

I Am Christina DiArcangelo

Pursuing Purpose with Teresa Mitchell

Teresa shares with us her journey of discovering her inspiration for her purpose in pursuing a career in fashion design and her current project with APA.

AUGUST 18, 2023

I Am Christina DiArcangelo

Technology and Patient Care with Kimberly Wilsey

Join Christina DiArcangelo and Kimberly Wilsey in this engaging podcast episode

JULY 26, 2023

I Am Christina DiArcangelo

Neuro-Diversity in the workplace with Derek Green

In this engaging podcast episode, Christina DiArcangelo sits down with Derek Green to discuss the importance of neuro-diversity

JULY 26, 2023

I Am Christina DiArcangelo

Remembering AJD SR. with John Delricci

We have specially curated guests that are woven throughout my personal and professional life.

OCTOBER 6, 2022


Cannabinoids and Your Health with Dr. Jean Claude Scicluna M.D.

Our guest today is Dr. Jean Claude Scicluna M.D. whose practice focuses on plant medicine and Neuroscience.

MARCH 02, 2023


Using TeleHealth for the Best Possible Care with Anil

We welcome Anil Appukuttan, Group President of Healthcare Automation & Hospital Services at and Affinity Patent Advocacy Board Member

MARCH 02, 2023


How to Succeed in Helping Others w/ Harvey Castro

Our guest today is Dr. Harvey Castro, he enlisted in the army to help pay for college, became a doctor, and continues to help others.

OCTOBER 18 2021


Compassionate Certification Centers Expands East with Dr. Brian Doner

Today I am so grateful to be joined by Dr. Brian Doner, Chief Medical Officer of Compassionate Certification Centers. 

NOVEMBER 13, 2022


Forever a Student or the World with Darshan Kulkarni, Pharm.D, MS, Esq

Today, Darshan Kulkarni, Pharm.D, MS, Esq. of the Kulkarni Law Firm joins me to discuss his career in law, pharmacy, and teaching

AUGUST 19, 2022


Ever Evolving Advocacy for Patients with Sylvia Pearlman

Today my guest is Sylvia Pearlman, Business Manager, educator, advocate, and lobbyist for medicinal and recreational use cannabis

JULY 04, 2022


Listen to Listen with Tracy Parker

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Tracy Parker, Vice President of Biometrics.

APRIL 27, 2022

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Support Our Cause

Your donation is very important for Affinity Patient Advocacy to provide services FREE of CHARGE to our patients that we help.  We believe that patients are already spending a considerable amount of money on their health care.  We do not want to be another burden to our patients.  Affinity Patient Advocacy is a registered Federal Charity with the appropriate 501C3 certification.   Please consider donating today!

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