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Affinity Patient Advocacy's Founder Christina DiArcangelo's personal experience with cancer inspired her to create a patient advocacy organization dedicated to supporting patients and their families. Learn more about our roots and mission to help those in need.


Led by Christina DiArcangelo

Led by Chairwoman and CEO, Christina DiArcangelo
A Global, Award-Winning Entrepreneur
OUR BOARD Led by Chairwoman and CEO, Christina DiArcangelo

A Global, Award-Winning Entrepreneur and CEO with more than two decades of experience in the medical cannabis, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries, Christina’s dedication to revolutionizing patient care is unprecedented. 

Through her roles as CEO, Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring, Founder and CEO of Affinity Bio Partners, Board President and CEO of Affinity Patient Advocacy, Christina has been involved with revolutionary projects and global clinical studies that positively impact patients including formulating new products.  Christina has spoken at many events including delivering Keynote addresses as well as organizing her own education events for her multiple companies.


Christina has a personal brand, I am Christina DiArcangelo with a podcast channel, Season 1 - (I am Christina DiArcangelo) and Season 2 - (Humanitarian Horizons - Christina DiArcangelo Unveiled) where she speaks to many exciting, thought-provoking guests.  Christina has also developed merchandise under Affinity Patient Advocacy and Christina DiArcangelo and launched a merchandise company called Sparkle Sisters and is the CEO.

Christina has launched an e-magazine called The DiArc.  The DiArc is a lifestyle magazine that shines a spotlight on all topics that apply to Christina DiArcangelo.


As an award winning global clinical research pioneer, and Christina is also an Opinion Columnist for CEO WorldBiz, she has utilized the tools at her disposal to champion patient care and provide best-in-class patient advocacy services. For Christina, patient care and safety come first.


As an active Bahai’ and mother to her one son, Christian, she believes that listening, learning, and growing are everyday values that can change the world by impacting our own hearts, homes, and communities.

Support our Cause: Make a difference in the lives of patients by donating to Affinity Patient Advocacy. Your contribution allows us to provide free services and support to those in need. As a registered Federal Charity with 501C3 certification, your donation will directly impact the lives of patients and their families.

Support Our Cause

Your donation is very important for Affinity Patient Advocacy to provide services FREE of CHARGE to our patients that we help.  We believe that patients are already spending a considerable amount of money on their health care.  We do not want to be another burden to our patients.  Affinity Patient Advocacy is a registered Federal Charity with the appropriate 501C3 certification.   Please consider donating today!

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