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Christina Diarcangelo's Latest Achievements

Explore Christina Diarcangelo's impressive journey and recent accomplishments. From winning awards to being featured in various magazines, discover what sets her apart and makes her an inspiration to us all.

Support our Cause: Make a difference in the lives of patients by donating to Affinity Patient Advocacy. Your contribution allows us to provide free services and support to those in need. As a registered Federal Charity with 501C3 certification, your donation will directly impact the lives of patients and their families.

Support Our Cause

Your donation is very important for Affinity Patient Advocacy to provide services FREE of CHARGE to our patients that we help.  We believe that patients are already spending a considerable amount of money on their health care.  We do not want to be another burden to our patients.  Affinity Patient Advocacy is a registered Federal Charity with the appropriate 501C3 certification.   Please consider donating today!

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