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As an active Bahai’ and Mother to her one son, Christian, Christina DiArcangelo, Founder of Affinity Patient Advocacy, a nonprofit focused on patient advocacy, believes that listening, learning, and growing are everyday values that can change the world by impacting our own hearts, homes, and communities.

Professionally, Christina wears the hat of a clinical research pioneer, entrepreneur, contracts negotiator, artificial technology executive and formulator in the medical cannabis, biotech, nutraceutical, and medical device industries. Personally, Christina’s journey as a patient began with a need to address her autoimmune diseases that were a bi-product of domestic abuse.


Domestic and mental abuse took its toll on the biotech executive who had been instilled with hard-working, driven, tough, blue-collar DNA since day one. Unfortunately, depression and anxiety took control and amplified the severity of her autoimmune diseases, making it difficult for Christina to maintain a healthy weight, and much more.


Christina stepped foot on the path to recovery once she realized she couldn’t go at it alone, and for her son’s benefit she knew she had to get better. Many of us, especially in leadership positions, operate under a notion that reaching out for help and support makes us weak. However, it was once Christina realized that reaching out to others for help was the key, she regained her strength and slowly but surely began seeing improvements in the quality of her life.


100% of the proceeds from each of Affinity Patient Advocacy candle sold will go towards helping patients make improvements in their lives. Whether that means helping someone obtain their medical marijuana license, provide access to cutting edge clinical trials, or helping to coordinate proper patient care and medical attention, Affinity Patient Advocacy is here to provide patients hope and a voice no matter what challenges they are facing.

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