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Be Conscious of How You Impact Others

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Ry Russell, Affinity Patient Advocacy Board Member

Humanity has suffered and endured life; generation after generation after generation. There is no community on this planet that is immure fro

m trauma. It is everywhere and it is all around us. Yet, so is beauty, so is compassion, and so is love. My community has always been very important to me, as well as being someone of value for that community. That is why it was a significantly special moment to be asked to join the board of such an organization that was built to share love with the community. Mental health has always been a struggle throughout history and still, it has never been more critical or more overwhelmingly obvious that we need to break the cycle of mental health trauma and we need to do it now, as a community.

Those suffering mental health challenges are not the only ones suffering, those individuals that love those suffering are also at a very significant risk of the challenges associated with mental wellbeing. That is why for mental health awareness month, all month of may, I a

m challenging myself and all of you to be someone of value for your community. To be an individual that inspires their community around hem to share love with one another, because we all in this existence, leave an imprint on each and every person we come into contact with and that is extremely powerful.

If we take a moment to be with our community and to be present to the needs of the whole, that is a ripple effect of love that we will never be able to fully measure. Please take a moment this month and check in on your neighbor, call your loved ones, and remember you are never alone when you are there for others.

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