Since the launch of Affinity Patient Advocacy in 2015, we have helped hundreds of patients.  Testimonials from our patients are always appreciated. 

RY - "I was interested in getting my medical cannabis card and needed help understanding the Pennsylvania program and what I needed to do.  Christina DiArcangelo worked closely with Compassionate Certification Centers and helped me.  I am feeling so much better and am grateful for the help."

DC - "A few months ago, I started working with Affinity Patient Advocacy to assist me with a medical issue for my teenage son.  Christina DiArcangelo and Andrew Serafini intently listened to me to address my son's needs - and, professionally guided us through the issues we struggled with on a daily basis   They are quite knowledgeable to always answer questions regarding medical cannabis, CBD and the relevant questions I had about these products. They also recommended CBD products along with, the proper dosing for my son.  We are forever grateful for their collaborative efforts and guidance to get the help he very much needed."

JO - "I was not a believer in Medical Cannabis as a treatment option but after receiving information and education, I applied for my Medical Cannabis card with help from Christina DiArcangelo.  I am so grateful to have access to Medical Cannabis products as a result of working with Affinity Patient Advocacy.  It is so important to have someone invested in your best interests when you are struggling." 

VD - "Affinity Patient Advocacy was an invaluable source when my husband was at his last stages of life.  Christina DiArcangelo helped my family navigate through the medical red tape to get my husband the services that he needed even when the doctors were hesitant to authorize them.  I cannot thank her enough for her support and compassion through this most difficult time in our lives."

LT - "Prior to reaching out to Affinity Patient Advocacy, I was in horrible pain.  I was on a high dosage of pain killers and after working with Affinity Patient Advocacy, I was able to get off my pain pills and start taking Medical Cannabis products utilizing my Medical Cannabis card.  Christina was able to recommend products, dispensaries and resources for me.  Her clinical research experience in the Medical Cannabis and the Biotechnology industries provides her with the background needed for her to help patients."



As a reminder, Affinity Patient Advocacy does not charge for their services, therefore fundraising is very important to us.