Christina DiArcangelo, Board President, CEO 

Christina DiArcangelo, CEO / Founder and President of the Board, has successfully worked in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry for the past 22 years.  She has acted in various capacities (designing, executing, managing clinical trials, contract negotiations, relationship management, governance, recruiting staff, process development, budget negotiations, etc.) within global Clinical Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical companies and Biotechnology companies.  Christina has all been the keynote speaker at various prestigious industry conferences and has earned a reputation within the industry for her dedication, passion and expertise. 


In addition, Christina is also the founder of Affinity Bio Partners, LLC (, CEO, Christina is also a CEO, AI Health Outcomes which is the developed of the first AI Bot, the CannaBot™ ( 


Christina’s professional success has been facilitated by her unwavering strength as a skilled negotiator, her ability to be a visionary entrepreneur, skilled financial expert and ability to navigate the pharmaceutical industry with unparalleled success. Christina works tirelessly to help patients from a clinical research, patient advocacy and patient focused technology.  Often you will find Christina and her team at a benefit, speaking to patients right or a fundraiser to support patients.  


When asked about her success, Christina responded: “I was very blessed to have grown up with a tremendous role model in my father.  He has shown me that the key to success is to maintain a strong work ethic and a commitment to helping others.  Couple that with my motivation and drive to keep learning, growing and pushing the limits and I have been lucky enough to reach most of my professional goals.  My career focus has always been to help patients with unmet medical needs.  With all of the organizations that I have Founded or Co-Founded, they have all been created to help patients.”

Christina’s notable professional accomplishments can only outdone by her philanthropic agenda where she has donated generously to various foundations such as the following, but not limited too:

-    AIDS

-    Racism

-    Cancer Research

-    Medical Cannabis/CBD Clinical Research 

-    LGBTQ Rights

-    Domestic Abuse of Women and Children

-    Child Developmental Disorders